March 4, 2018

Hello Neighbors:

The City of Sacramento is evaluating commercial cannabis operations permits as per California State regulations. This letter is to inform you that our organization, CG Brands dba SVN10 Creations, has applied for a Business Operations Permit for non-volatile cannabis manufacturing on North 10th Street in Sacramento.

We have identified the following issues about which our neighbors may have questions. We hope this information will express CG Brand’s desire to work with our neighbors to build jobs and maximize the positive impact our venture will have on the neighborhood.

  1. Building security
    The entire concrete building is protected by 24hr CCTV inside and out, and private security agent-monitored burglar alarm system. There is no retail traffic, only authorized employees or registered visitors and distributors will enter the facility.
  2. Traffic and parking for employees and tenants
    There will be no retail traffic to the building or retail sales of any kind conducted on site. The building has several designated parking spaces. We do not anticipate parking issues at this point, but if any should arise, we will collaborate with our neighbors to find solutions.
  3. Odor control
    Cannabis extraction activities do not produce odors as intense as cultivation facilities. We do not plan to cultivate cannabis in our premise. To ensure the highest level of odor abatement we have a plan to install throughout the facility 2-stage carbon filtration that includes stand-alone filters placed strategically throughout the facility and a carbon filter on the HVAC exhaust. Our goal is to operate without producing any noticeable scent to any person of average sensitivity.
  4. Fire Safety
    Our UL-listed closed loop extraction machines use CO2, a non-volatile solvent. This means they will not combust. In the event that a fire should occur from some other means, multiple ABC-rated fire extinguishers have been installed and will be inspected quarterly; additionally, the entire facility is protected from fire by a fully operational automatic sprinkler system.
  5. Communication with local authorities
    Our organization is in direct communication with City of Sacramento and California State Cannabis Enforcement officials. We have notified police, fire, and environmental management departments of our plans for activities inside the North 10th street facility. We have built bridges with local licensing and enforcement officials. We have offered industry-specific education and plan to provide a transparent and ongoing dialogue between them and ourselves. We look forward to nurturing a strong and mutually-beneficial relationship with these departments as our business grows.

We plan to notify our community of the development of our facility through the SVN10 website. For updates visit: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: Office Manager/Compliance & Community Relations Director